This section of the route

This section of the route is composed of shorter trails, with many gaps between them, this part of the country having converted fewer abandoned railroads. Ride 2 took place at an unusual moment in recent history; our citizenry and politics greatly divided, our perceptions of what our country is and who ought to make it up at odds. We communicate at lightning speed but along narrow roads, with a perversely increased ability to isolate ourselves. Perhaps it is not different than in the past but there is a steady agitation in the air, and what is common feels elusive.

I was nervous in anticipation of our trip, uncertain how or if the recent election would impact the reception we received. But our encounters were all individual, highly local, and people were curious if not delighted. How critical it is not to let floating fears and political stereotypes stop one from being out in the world, in fact, how essential to go outside the familiar!